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Donna Barragan

Founder & CEO
Elevated Impacts

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Elevated Impacts
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With more than 20 years’ experience creating and driving a world-class culture, Donna partners with organizations to develop talent, teams and leaders to create resilient cultures that elevate their most valuable and powerful asset, their people.

Donna was instrumental in creating a culture that inspired top talent to join the organization and she ensured its continued growth for more than two decades. As a leader within a privately held company, Donna excelled in roles within Operations, Customer Support and Contract Management. Her diversity of roles enabled her to build successful relationships, make a greater impact, and expand the world-class culture created.

Building strong relationships and promoting a culture of trust, innovation, and respect are key to elevating an organization’s impact on its employees and stakeholders. A positive culture is developed through the cultivation of relationships that result in greater teamwork, better communication, and better collaboration. Achieving talent acquisition and retention requires a workplace that inspires people to stay and grow in the company. Donna understands the importance of creating such an environment. She supports leaders to establish their own distinctive culture that becomes a benchmark for how companies can take better care of their employees and make a bigger contribution to their organization and their community.

Bringing not only the diversity of her career and her lived experiences; Donna also brings candor, and insight to her Onboarding, Leader Development and Team support. Providing honest, unvarnished feedback with compassion, she supports leaders at all levels to lead from authenticity and inspire their team to become healthy, high-performing contributors.


  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Quantum Endeavors Certified Executive Coach and Leadership Coach
  • Quantum Endeavors Licensed Onboarding, Group, and Team Coach
  • Workshop Facilitator

Customizable Services Include:

One-on-one Coaching |On-boarding |Team and Group Coaching |Leader Development