Devyn Gaydos

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Devyn Gaydos

Marketing Program Manager

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Flynn Lane
Montana, 59808

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Phone: 707-293-6226

I’m Devyn Gaydos, a marketing program manager who loves guiding content and brand-driven teams to greater efficiency through simple project management, transparent communication, and a deep respect for the role of quality marketing.

As a frequent one-person marketing team, I’ve handled everything from building content pillars and content production processes to drive brand awareness and leads to rebuilding a HubSpot instance and developing lead scoring and onboarding automation. But my favorite thing to do has always been managing projects and building systems.

So after working in marketing content and communications for 8+ years for small marketing teams, I transitioned to the world of marketing program management in January 2024 and haven’t looked back.

Outside of marketing, I’m deeply passionate about employee experience and would love to one day transition my skills to an onboarding or employer branding program management role.